Programs in the Community We Support...

Here at AMC we love being an active part in our community, there are some fantastic programs to help people and animals alike. Spotlighted below are a few organizations that we are proud to say we are working with.

Companions for Courage

Helping Kids Conquer Their Fears in the courtroom... one paw at a time

This organization focus' on helping children cope with traumatic events that they must relive in the courtroom. Check out them out at...

Good Samaritan Fund

Helping people and their pets

The Good Sam Fund is used to help those animals that are in need but may not have the funding to due so. We have been able to save so many cats and dogs that may not have had a chance other wise. It is entirely funded by community donations, and used at the Dr.'s discretion for very special cases. This is Maggie, she is one of our Good Sam recipients that now has a wonderful life thanks you guys! Please contact us if you would like to donate to help animals in need.